Viisana Protection Consultant

I Am A New Protection Consultant

How have I become a Protection Consultant and what exactly is it? Well some of you may have noticed on the last post I had written, a few months ago, about my review of Vitality Life and the new policy I had taken out with them for essential life cover and serious illness cover I…

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Why People Leave Network Marketing Companies

Ever wondered why people leave their Network Marketing Companies ? Have you ever noticed that when you are involved with a Network Marketing business and you are #allin, your excited, you can see the opportunity, you are making money and your business is growing, then BOOM!, Someone who you have recognised as a key leader,…

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REVIEWED Vitality Health Plans and Rewards

What Is Good And Bad About Vitality Health Plans And Rewards? After noticing a lot of friends and contacts on Social Media posting about how they just received a FREE FitBit and FREE cinema tickets for staying healthy with Vitality Health, I had to take a look. Are the  Vitality Health Policies competitive and is the…

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change your financial situation

Start Your Own Business From Home

Today is July 25th 2015 and even if you read this post at another time, you will still be able to take advantage of what is included in this very special post. I know you do not know me and I do not know you, but I am guessing you are looking to make some…

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