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Well what can I say about the headline? Want to know what it takes to go full time online? Do you want to know how much money you can make full time online?

Well, as of today, I am full time online.

Like most people who are looking to earn  full time making money on the net, they have a full time job and they work obscene hours to replace their J_O_B income with an online income.

Now from experience, generally this takes a while, you balance your career, you balance your family life, and you spend an hour or two every evening writing emails, updating blog posts, tweaking your squeeze page, setting up adswaps, chatting to fellow marketers, adding to your new product creation. It takes time.

So why am I Full Time IM from today? April 15th 2010? Well I parted company with my employer, for one reason or another.

So what do I do now?

1. Look for another J_O_B immediately?

2. Focus on finishing my first product I have had planned for a month or so? Promote via JV partners and go for it.

I know what I want to do and will do….

I am under no illusions to what I am going to have to do, but most importantly, it is a business and to be treated like one, no doubt about it. I have a plan , I am going to stick to it religiously and update you here as I go.

But if you were in my Position, what would you do? I am under no illusions, Internet marketing is a business, and I will go for it.

It is a bit scary, but I have 4 weeks to piece everything I have increase the list building  and build the Sean Beardmore brand 🙂

I want to hear from you, if you are full time online , if you re part-time, what would you do?

Talk soon!


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  • Hey Sean,

    Great stuff Sean I know you will make it online.
    Now you can find the time to do the things you want. It’s great that you have it all planned out,and as for finding jv partners I know you already have quite a few that are right behind you and get your product out there.

    GURU SEAN coming soon…

    Talk soon

  • Sean Beardmore

    I like, that GURU SEAN, got a ring to it 😉

    Seriously though, its a business, going to be some highs and lows along the way. Crazy thing is, I’ve just got to piece all of what I have learnt, and launching it!

  • Hey Sean,

    Well its mixed blessings isn’t it mate?

    As you rightly point out we all try to balance out our work and home life and we attempt to add internet marketing into all of that and let’s guess what will suffer the most? My guess is for most folks its the IM.

    And there will ALWAYS come a point where you need to decide whether to go for it full-time or to stick with what you have.

    However this decision has been made, this is the reality of your situation. You can either make it work now or you can go back to the situation that hasn’t been working up till now.

    Having spoken to you a few times I have no doubts whatsoever that you will succeed in this business as long as you stick to your plan. Its just a matter of having the confidence in yourself.

    So best of luck mate and I’ll be right there with you.


  • Sean Beardmore

    Andy, thanks, means alot for you to drop by. Well this is a forced situation and one that will undoubtedly test me, but also get people watching 🙂 Talk soon!


  • Hey buddy,

    Just wanted to swing by and say congratulations for breaking free. Whatever your reasons or cause of leaving your job, I know you’ll make a fantastic “go” of things online.

    I’m also full-time online and the freedom it gives you is unreal.

    Enjoy every second of it!
    Best wishes,
    – Marc

  • Sean Beardmore

    thx Marc, appreciated…………it’s a little nerving, but if I dont do it now, I never will. Talk soon!


  • Baltimore

    Sorry to hear about your job loss mate,

    But I know you are an intelligent man, you got the skills to pay the bills. You have sales skills to you cant fail you deserve success you been thru enough crap lets make 2010 your year dude., I mean it pal..

    good luck

    Talk soon


  • Hi Sean,

    I’d say that your approach is similar to what I would do.

    I mean, why look for another job right away when what you really want to do is be full time online?

    It seems to me that you have a lot of friends to do JV with.
    Taking the opportunity to devote all your working hours to the business now is a logical choice.


  • Sean Beardmore

    @ marcus well to be honest Marcus, this is what I want to do, it does mean I have to fast track but I am sure I can do it. I have alot of support from friends like you, and that means alot!

    @vance Hey vance, haven’t seen you around for a while, hope everything is well with you! As you say, I will be devoting 24/7 to IM now, so provided I stick to my plan and don’t get distracted, all should be fine!

  • Hey Sean,

    Just wanted to pop over here from your Google Buzz thread, check out your site and wish you luck. Nice blog, I really like the theme.

    I’m really going to be interested in your progress as I think we are very similar in experience as far as our “newbie-ness” goes. It seems from the conversations we’re been involved in on Buzz, that we’ve both been trying to get this going while working full time and only making a little progress and a little money.

    Speaking as someone that has been laid off three times in the past two years, I am under no illusions that there is a such thing as “job security” anymore. While I do have a J-O-B right now, I could easily be in the same position as you at any point in the future. So if I see that you can do this, then I will feel more confident that I can get my own IM business off the ground.

    Keep us posted. I’ll be looking forward to your updates! Good luck!


  • Sean Beardmore

    Hey Sean,

    Really appreciate you dropping by. To be honest, the last few days have enabled to do so much that would have taken me a week or more. I have a few more housekeepings jobs to get out of the way, jobs that I have started, not finished. I then have my new product to finish asap. So it is all go, but one thing I didn’t have in my job, which I have now, is passion and determination. Still scary, but keep on keeping on!

    Will keep you all posted!

    Take care


  • Hi Sean,

    Congratulations about going ‘full-time’. Seriously!

    I left my job at the end of October and haven’t looked back. You’re right about the scary part, but like anything, once you’ve broken the barrier, you wonder what the fuss was about…

    Good luck – and probably see you at an event sometime soon!


  • Sean Beardmore

    Hi James,

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes going full time is a whole new world, a little scary but pushing me on to get everything in order and going!

    I’m sure we’ll catch up again soon James, I think last time was in Manchester at Lee’s event? Anyway, by the time we do, it will be to discuss how it has been 😉

    Talk soon


  • Hi Sean

    Wow thats a revelation! I hope it all goes well for you mate! I’m sure it will. As long as you have enough to see you by for a couple of months I am sure you will get something finished with all of us as JV partners to help you promote it.

    One decent launch should see you ok for 6 months and build a decent list.

    I am still struggling to put something together – I have just almost finished a new ebook but now need to work out what videos I need to do to go with it.

    Ive got a feeling that this is going to be more time consuming than the book.

    Speak soon


  • Sean Beardmore

    Hey Peter,

    Well my new product is underway, so I want to get that completed in the next few weeks, this will be the shot in the arm needed for immeadiate income!

    Sure you’ll be great with the videos Peter, look forward to seeing them real soon.


  • Hey Sean,

    After speaking to you at the weekend I’m in no doubts that you will make it online. If I had lost my job & was passionate about making it online like yourself then damn right I would put every effort into it.

    It’s great you’re already working towards your first product. If there’s anything I can help you with give us a shout.

    Take Care

  • Hi Sean,

    Wanted to drop by your blog as Alex mentioned your blog on our last coaching call. Love the way your blog looks by the way.

    Wanted to comment on this post as it caught my attention. Hope you don’t mind an opinion from a newbie. If I were in your position I would definitely make a go at it and put all my efforts into online marketing. Since you mentioned that you have the passion and determination than nothing can stop you but yourself and your own beliefs.

    You’re right it is going to take hard work as you have to fit all the pieces together, and you have to really treat it like a business as it will be a challenge in managing your time.

    You can and you will make it so keep at it and never doubt yourself! Continued success to you!


  • Sean Beardmore


    Thank for dropping by…….Alex has boosted my traffic for sure 😉

    It is still a scary feeling Anna, but I am going for it and have lot’s of plans, for products and revenue streams. I will be honest with you and two of these have come from being at Internet Marketing Events in the last 2 weeks. Amazing the contacts you can make.

    My phrase is ‘ Keep On Keeping On’

    Take care and talk soon!


  • PJ

    Hey Sean,

    I am fairly new to Internet Marketing but I really respect your decision to pursue your dreams. In today’s economy it is the only way you truly get to live the life you desire. You make it happen. You work smart and hard. And ultimately you’ll reap the reward of your labor. Since I am just really starting out myself I will keep an eye on you blog to get the tips and tricks necessary to go to the next level.

    I find myself approaching that point of having to make a decision soon myself.

    All the best.


  • Sean Beardmore

    PJ, great to hear form you.

    To be honest, the decision was not hard, but does make you feel un easy!

    I will be sharing all of the tricks I am leagally bound to 😉

    Take care


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