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This page is purely going to share professional business-related news and updates.  I doubt you want to be visiting here every day so please take the opportunity to join my newsletter and choose the subject you most want to know about.

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Somehow you got to my personal page, maybe out of curiosity, maybe you know me and wanted to see what I had to say and maybe even to get in touch following some information I posted online.

Whatever the reason, you are here and I will share with you insights, news, and updates over on the blog page that will include from time to time opportunities that may be of interest you.

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Since leaving working in factories at the age of 21 and wanting to carve a career in Sales, I have worked in various sectors, Financial Services, Retail, Commercial Property, and Digital Marketing.

Along the way, I have worked and had some success with genuine Network Marketing businesses which have contributed to many personal changes along the way (for the better).​​​​​​​


Throughout the course of this website, you will be able to read about the processes and progression that will be happening in the businesses today.​​​​​​​

Where ever possible, I will keep my Blog up to date where you can interact and react.

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