​Who Is Sean Beardmore?

Where it started

Leaving school in 1984 from a small town called Frome (Frome College), I recall that day very well walking away from my last exam and not having a clue what the future would hold. At 16 years old, well for me anyway, I just wanted to be with friends, have fun and did not take much time looking towards my future and ended up working in a variety of jobs, simply to earn money. ,  Trainee Floor Layer (that was fun), Petrol Pump attendant (yes this used to be a job) and on to work in one of the main employers in the town, the Carpet Factory. Fun times.

Where is my suit?

It was around 1990 I made the decision (not the smartest one) to make a change. A future of working factories simply did not appeal, especially the shift work.  So I made the decision to look at how I can go to work in a suit and not factory issued overalls and pursued the opportunity to work in the financial services industry, aged just 22. 

Self employed, commission only, aged 22, asking people to trust you​ with your advice how to invest their money and protect their financial futures. I will let you envisage the results, but if anything, the training and the introduction to Sales was second to none.

What happened next?

After about a year in Financial Services around Wiltshire and some time in Soho London, I found myself working with a Mobile Phone retailer in Bath. This was 1992 ish and Mobile Phones were nothing like they are today. Working in this industry for several years and a move to the South East, living in Woking Surrey where I became the General Manager for 14 mobile stores for several years, great fun and experience at all levels.

After Carphone Warehouse started becoming a force in the retail space, the Mobile business was sold and a new career began in Office Real Estate and the Serviced Office Industry. Ultimately this is where everything changed and working in and around London, Design and Build, back to Serviced Offices then Self Employment

And now?

As this website reveals, I am back to where I started in the Financial Services Industry, both being a protection consultant and a implenting the last 10 years worth of digital marketing experience to provide and share how to generate leads online.

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